Lesson 3 (grade 2) on ‘Prayer’ – how to pray

Sorry this post is a bit late – I’ve had my wonderful family visiting from overseas 🙂

Last Sunday we finished the first unit of Grade 2, which is all about PRAYER. In this third lesson, we looked at ‘how’ we pray. Respectfully, with dignity, patiently and fully concentrating on the Word of God… We looked at this over two lessons – in the first one we tried to set the atmosphere for it by setting a table nicely with a cloth and candles, starting out with some music (a ladder for the soul) and then taking turns to read a prayer each, slowly and with devotion – everyone listening carefully, while the other reads.

In our second lesson we discussed how we need to show reverence even towards the Books that contain the Words of God. Not just banging them on the table or throwing them to each other, but handling them carefully, as we would a little bird, or precious object. To make this concept of respect and devotion more tangible, we decided to make little felt-covers for mini-prayer books. See the picture for the lovely results!

We simply used a plain straight piece of felt, wide enough to fold in on both sides and create little ‘sleeves’ for the front and back page of the prayer book used – and then sewed them top and bottom with a blanket stitch.

It’s been an interesting experience using the new materials (Ruhi Curriculum, Grade 2) and working on the same topic for 3 lessons in a row. There is definitely more space for getting deeper into it! The crafts we selected to support the learnings were partly new and some we’d done before (felt covers). They are always a great way to remind the children of their learning and them something to take home and share with families too.

Next Sunday we’ll move into unit 2 (lessons 4-6) – exciting times! 🙂

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