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Lesson 6 : Truthfulness

…Wolf! Wolf! The shepherd boy called….

We used the ‘Boy who cried Wolf’ story to learn about truthfulness today. It’s part of the Ruhi Curriculum and we had great drama interpretations of it. Well done everyone!

Our craft was a fun one too – making string phones! Conveying messages ‘truthfully’ listening to what the person on the other end said. Some very fancy string phones were produced:

…and well tested too…

It worked really well, as long as we remembered to keep the strings nice and tight 🙂

We finished by colouring in the sheet with the prayer we learnt/practiced singing today.

Another successful class today – we stayed warm in the artroom – thank goodness for little heaters – and hopefully no-one got too wet on the way home again!

Have a look at today’s lesson here 6_Truthfulness

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