Please note: we are now using the latest Ruhi Curriculum (Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 – pre-publication June 2011) and therefore the lessons below are ‘old’. There might still be useful craft and art activities in there, so we haven’t taken them off yet.

For most up-to-date lessons, read the blog posts, which report on each lesson shortly after it was taken.

These are the themes and colouring-in pages for the 24 lessons of the ‘new’ Grade 1.

Below: The Ruhi book references (for many of the stories) are for Ruhi Book 3, ‘Teaching Children’s Classes Grade 1’ and Book 3a ‘Teaching Children’s Classes Grade 2’.

“Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.” – Bahá’u’lláh














14_God’s Love

15_Trust in God

Lessons for Children’s Classes – Grade 2 (Ruhi Book 3a)

2-1 Forgiveness

2-2 Joyfulness

2-3 Patience

Memorisation Booklet (pdf) or download as already imposed version here.


2-5 Prayer

2-6 Thankfulness

Note: we are now using the new updated Ruhi Curriculum, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. We are currently working our way through Grade 2, check out the actual blog posts for reports on each lesson and any additional material will be posted there. Or check out the Ruhi website for more info on current material.

27 responses to “Lessons”

  1. Armita Khosravi says :

    Hey, my name is Armita and i have also a children class here in germany it would be nice if your children class class could send the germans a letter and tell them what they are doing and we would do the same

    • Leyla says :

      Sounds lovely Armita! Our class is back in February, as it’s the big long summer holidays now in New Zealand – will be in touch then!
      Warmest greetings 🙂 (Was für Altergruppen sind in Eurer Kinderklasse?)

    • Leyla says :

      Hi Armita – how are you classes going? Hope you got my email….Look forward to hear more… we’ve started again for this term – this Sunday is a special class to support the Earthquake victims in Christchurch, but maybe next class we could get the children to draw some pictures and send you a note. Happy ‘Ayyam-i-ha!

  2. Nicole Miller says :

    Leyla, you are an inspiration! Thanks for having all the inspring and creative resouces on Baha’i childrens’ classes posted …. I visit you site very often!

  3. Jackie Alimena Kämpf says :

    Hoi my dear friend Leyla,
    I am going to a planning meeting tomorrow afternoon and I was looking around your blog for some inspiration. Well I sure looked at the right spot. Think I would love to stick you in my pocket and take you along. Your hard work and devotion is amazing.
    Big hugs,

  4. Anisa says :

    wow your website is perfect!!! Thank you very much

  5. Anisa says :

    Dear Leyla, If it’s possible for u, please update the new books for us. I’m in Iran and I would very thankful if u can do this.Thank u very much! 🙂

    • Leyla says :

      Hello Anisa – We are using the new lessons for Grade 1 and now Grade 2 – but I don’t create a new worksheet each time anymore, as the new material is so comprehensive – but if you go through the blog posts you’ll be able to see what we do in each lesson (we’re up to lesson 10 of the grade 2 material) – all the best! 🙂

  6. Maxine says :

    it is a wonderful site, and I am using it too
    Cheers Maxine from Brisbane Australia

  7. Li Chen Phung says :

    i love to refer to this website whenever i prepare my lessons. It helps and inspire me a lot . You are very creative !!!!THANK YOU

  8. janfura9 says :

    Thank you so much for your website! This is truly a gift ❤
    Whenever I get a bit lost in the planning of our communities children class your always there to help 🙂
    ps. add Pinterest to share!

  9. Mary Zemke says :

    Hi Leila, It’s me Mama Z. Seeking resources mainly art /crafts and songs for 4-5yr. old. Thinking of a Hidden Gems class. Have great story/virtue books. New experiencfor me.!

    • Leyla says :

      Hi Mama Z 🙂 Fantastic – there is a whole curriculum called ‘Hidden Gems’ for preschoolers -it’s gorgeous, ask Erica if she has a copy (there’s 3 folders of it, with teacher and student booklets). All the best Mary – you’re awesome!

      • Kal says :

        Hi Leyla, I’ve just come across your blog while searching for a Baha’i preschool curriculum. How could I get a hold of the Hidden Gems curriculum you mentioned? Thanks in advance!

      • Leyla says :

        Hi Kal
        We got through our National Assembly in New Zealand years and years ago. I tried to track it down since but it seems to not be published anymore. It came through the Badi foundation in Malaysia … Maybe try your BDS to see if any copies left? Good luck!

  10. Sonja McCully says :

    I’m using your materials in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s so nice to know about your efforts and have these resources. Thanks and happy times for all of you. We are heading into summer soon and I think you are heading into winter soon. Isn’t that weird. Just because we live on a different side of the planet Earth. But we are all on the same time of the development of the planet, the time of Baha’u’llah!

  11. Philly says :

    Wonderful Blog, well done…

  12. Nala says :

    Thank you so much for these GREAT lesson plans! They are fantastic. I would add this link to the Grade 2 Lesson 2 – easy and beautiful!

  13. Sue Mitchell says :

    How do I find the link to the blog?

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