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Lesson 7 : Steadfastness

Today’s lesson was all about Steadfastness, and the courage it takes to stand up for what is right. Not an easy concept to learn (not even for adults 😉 ) – but our children did well!

We started by learning the quote of today’s class with the help of a floor-poster (see lesson pdf for sample).

Our story was going to be ‘Hazel’s Amazing Mother‘ by Rosemary Wells, but I couldn’t get hold of a copy in time. So we concentrated on various excerpts on Steadfastness from ‘The Virtues Guide‘.

As a craft we traced our footprints and decorated them as a reminder to stay steadfast. Stand up for what is right and not waver…

Hoping for more sunshine again next week – then we can have some of our activities outside – stay dry and warm everyone!

You can view/download today’s lesson here: 7_Steadfast.

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