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Mercy and forgiveness…

In today’s childrens-class we learned about the virtues of mercy and forgiveness. To set the tone, we read a beautiful story about ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in ‘Akká and the mercy and forgiveness He showed the governor of that city, even though he tried time and time again to harm the Bahá’ís (It’s on page 63 of the new Grade 1 Ruhi Book ).

We discussed that showing mercy and forgiveness even to people that might not be kind or nice to us, is probably tricky at times. But the children found great examples on how they could practice these virtues in their homes and every day lives.

To practice showing mercy, the children had already decided last week, that we would all bake some cookies together, which we could then share with the younger children (3-5yrs) who have their class in the other room. The shared baking was great – everyone helped, from reading the recipe, measuring the ingredients, mixing the dough, rolling the cookie-balls and squashing them flat … and they were delicious too – yum!

Bake-off time :: Christchurch, those cookies are coming!!!

After lots of flour, sugar, mixing, rolling, cutting, icing (and some tasting) – we are happy to announce, the cookies are ready! Two ice-cream containers full to the top with Gingerbread hearts and Swiss Mailänderlis – yum! They’ll be going to Wellington on the train with me in the morning – wohooooo!

And decorating the boxes….

Christchurch – our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you…! Kudos to all at The Great Sunday Bake-off – you go guys!!!

Next Sunday we’ll get back to our regular children’s class lessons – see you all there 🙂

Lesson 12 : Generosity

….a very sweet theme! 🙂 At least in our class today – we made/decorated cookies, to give away as gifts and sweet reminders of Generosity.

Coincidentally, today was also National Switzerland Day (1. August) and therefore some of our cookies had a very swiss look about them 🙂

Before we did the cookie decorating we learnt a new quote by Baha’u’llah – see quote of the week on the right! We also learnt a new song called ‘Blessed is the spot’, which the children put into action – I wish we had a video to show you the movements, they were great!

Have a look at the lesson pdf, which also has a beautiful illustration of the lyrics for ‘Blessed is the spot’, as well as a picture of a fountain, which is such a nice example of complete generosity – giving constantly.

This is it for today – we’re off to celebrate Swiss National day with friends – yay! 😉

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