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Consultation and year end review…

Today was a celebration of all the things we learned over the last 21 lessons of Grade 2 – wow! Over this past year, we have worked our way through 7 different themes: Prayer, Obedience to God’s Laws, Seeking knowledge, Living in harmony, Being a good friend, service and Consultation. All of them represent patterns of conduct, that show the inner qualities of the virtues we studied in Grade 1. It’s been quite a journey and I’m very proud, how well the children participated and made this journey so exciting!

To remember the 7 prayers the children have memorised as part of these lessons, we made some very special prayer books today. Get the copy master here (print on 2 separate A4 sheets, fold in half on the horizontal and vertical) and tie together with string – done 🙂




To finish off for today we prepared some of the craft activities for our end-of-year special day at the upcoming Whiti Te Rā, Saturday 8 December, 9.30am to 4pm at McJorrow Park. Don’t forget and do come and join us there at the Te Whakakotahitanga o te Rawhiti stall for some crafts and fun… It’s been a wonderful year – thank you to everyone who made it possible!!!


Craft ideas are from the Australian Peace Pack – thank you Australia!

Te Whakakotahitanga o te Rāwhiti (The Unity of the East)

We’ve decided last week, that it is time that we have our own name 🙂 – welcome to Te Whakakotahitanga o te Rāwhiti (The Unity of the East)! We’ll start working on a big ‘name-banner’ over the next few weeks – hoping that everyone can participate in the painting!

In today’s class we learnt about thankfulness. ‘ABdu’l-Bahá tell us that we must be thankful for all of God’s gifts and bounties, even if sometimes they might be difficult. Thankfulness brings peace to our souls. Thanksgiving to God increases our capacity to receive His mercy and attracts greater and greater shares of His bounty.

We practiced the quote on thankfulness, did drama (see some of the great expressions in the pictures above), learnt a new prayer (Blessed is the spot), heard a story (Maya’s new coat), coloured in lots and played a game (CHA!) – all in all, a busy morning!

And thanks to our young photographer, we’ve got lots of images to share with you 🙂

See you all next Sunday…

Grade 2: Lesson 6 – Thankfulness

Being thankful for whatever comes our way, is not always the easiest thing to do. Sure if it’s all fun and games, but what if it’s difficulties? Tests that teach us patience…? In today’s class we learnt, that being thankful brings peace to our souls. And Thanksgiving to God increases our capacity to receive His mercy and attracts greater and greater shares of His bounty.

To remind us of all the things we can be thankful for, we created some paper cornucopias and filled them with popsicle sticks, that contain our ‘thanks’…. our family, friends, a warm home, food, smiles, hugs – the children’s ideas of thankfulness seemed to have no limits 🙂 (Thanks to Chrissie for an awesome idea!)

Before the crafts, we reviewed the unity prayer, that we have been practicing over the last couple of lessons. The memorising is coming along nicely… we used a ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ today, to focus on some more of the words. It’s all in today’s lesson pdf – you can download it here.

The drama component had a fun exercise in it, to learn to follow instructions and trust each other’s ‘guidance’. It’s called bus, and the driver is at the back of the line, hands on the shoulders of the person in front. He’s the only one with his eyes open, the others follow his guidance – tap left or right shoulder, to move left or right; push forward gently, or pull back to make the bus move, or stop. It was quite challenging, even though our bus was quite short – we’d need more practice, especially with a much longer bus 🙂

And today’s story was one, that ‘Abdu’l-Bahá often told – About King Mahmud and his devoted servant Ayáz, and the melon, received thankfully, even though it was bitter (p.41 in Ruhi Book 3a).

Today was the last class for this term. Have a wonderful break! As of next term our new classes will be held in Masterton, where we offer 3 separate (age-group specific) classes, starting Sunday 7 August: 10am – 12noon. Not quite sure yet, how this blog will work/look then – but I’ll try my best and keep you all posted!

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