Lesson 20 : Consultation – the source of good and well-being

Singing at the beginning of our classes – we always start with music and prayers and some morning tea – all the age groups together, before starting our separate classes.

For today, we stared with a craft activity. To focus our attention the prayer we are memorising (still working on the first part of it) we created collages – depicting the imagery in the prayer:

‘O my God! O my God! Thou seest these children who are the twigs of the tree of life, the birds of the meads of salvation, the pearls of the ocean of Thy grace, the roses of the garden of Thy guidance.’

Looking at the power of unified thought and action – this was our story for today:

Not long ago, in a country where many people farmed the land, heavy rains caused flooding across an entire region. The rivers overflowed their banks and the flood waters destroyed houses, bridges and schools, roads and fields, sweeping away the crops that had been planted. When the floods were over, most people were left with nothing. They had no homes, and there was little food.

Now, the Bahá’ís who lived in other parts of the country, knowing that the people of the region were suffering, came together to consult to find a way to assist. They realised, of course, that the people needed food. But, as the Bahá’í friends discussed the matter, it became clear that it would not be enough to simply send food. It would be important for the people to be able to grow crops again. How could they help for this to happen?

If they could only get seeds, the people of the region could farm and grow food for themselves as they had done before the flood. Everyone could see that this would be a good way for them to help. So what did they do? The decided to use money contributed by their community to buy many tons of corn seeds. Trucks were piled high with sacks of seeds and transported to the areas that had been worst affected by the floods. The people expressed joy and gratitude, singing and playing drums. With these seeds, they could start farming again, and in spite of the suffering caused by the floods, everyone felt hopeful, strong and happy.

We finished today’s lesson with some drama exercises and a group improvisation – each one representing a character in a village that gets affected by a hurricane and then have to work together to rebuild the village.

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