Lesson 15: It’s a blessing to have many true friends

Today’s lesson concludes the set on “Being a good friend”.

We first reviewed the prayer we’re learning (Refresh and gladden my spirit…) – using the melody by Tara Ellis. And then we went over the lesson’s intro”

True friends care for each other. They enjoy spending time together, and each wants what is best for the other. If we see our friends are sad, we don what we can to bring joy to their hearts. If a friend is sick, we want to make sure he or she is well cared for. Because we want what is best for our friends, we listen to them and always try to pay attention to their wishes. It is a joy to give something up when we know it will make our friend happy or help him or her to progress. In friendship we give of our time and our possessions and share our happiness and our learning. What a blessing to have many true friends.

Of course, sometime friends (and we) make mistakes. and we may feel sadness in our hearts – but we can be forgiving. When our hearts are filled with generosity and we remember our love for our friend, we can forgive and the sadness goes away.

We then focussed on today’s story – it is about a mountain, who was so tall, that he only had the lovely fluffy white clouds for company. He loved playing with them, but was very sad, when one summer’s day, they didn’t return. He asks the sky, why they’re not coming, and sky tells the mountain, that they’ve gone to a afar away place to the kingdom of winter and they’re not returning until the end of summer. The mountain is very sad and starts to cry, his tears running down his side in rivers. Before long, the cracked soil on the plain far below drinks up all those tears and starts to flourish. It calls out to the mountain and thanks him for the water. The mountain is very surprised – he’d never looked down below and was so happy to have found a new friend in the meadow.

To remember that we can find friends in the most unlikely places (or at least in places we might not have looked before) the children painted the scene of the mountain – with fluffy white cotton balls for clouds…

To finish off our class for today, we played a great game, as part of drama improvs – sitting in a big circle and passing around various every-day items (a ball, remote control, pen, piece of fabric, etc) – each child in turn has to pretend this object to be of a certain use (fabric – this is my hanky, my blanket, my apron, my turban, etc). It was fabulous, and we had so much fun doing soooo many rounds, we didn’t even have time left to do the drama improvisation 🙂 Maybe next time!

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