Lesson 4 / part two: Obedience to God’s Laws

We finished lesson 4 of Grade 2 today – looking at more aspects of Obedience to God’s Laws. We took a closer look at the quote that goes with this lesson:

O Son of Being! My love is My stronghold; he that entereth therein is safe and secure, and he that turneth away shall surely stray and perish.

We discussed the meaning of what a stronghold is – a castle, a fort, something with thick walls, a moat even, that keeps you safe inside. This is how we pictured God’s love for us, as keeping us safe and secure, as long as we stay within its strong walls (His Laws). To help us remember the quote, the children drew their own forts and castles.

We also finished our song/melody to go with the unity prayer we started practicing last week – still a little bit of refining to do – but it sounds totally awesome! Will try and record it next week to share with you all! 🙂

For our drama portion, we used some of the warm up exercises from lesson 4 – ‘FREEZE’ is a simple exercise, where the students move about the room (without bumping into each other!) and try and move as much and loosely as possible. When the teacher calls out ‘FREEZE!’ everyone freezes in the position they’re in. The teacher then goes around shouldertapping each student, asking them what they are doing. The student tries to find an explanation why they’re standing in such a ‘funny’ position. The kids love it – we did at least 5 or more tries!

We had all sorts of interesting explanations – I’m dancing, I’m taking pictures, I’m telling someone off, I’m in a hurry, etc. We’ll definitely play this one again!

That was it for today – see you next week. It’s our last class of the school term again already…


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