First class – new lessons, Grade 2: ‘Prayer’

With the first class of the new year, we introduced the new lessons for Grade 2 from  the Ruhi Curriculum. In this level, the lessons are structured slightly differently: there are 7 units of 3 lessons each. Each unit concentrates on one theme, which is then looked at in 3 sessions.

Our first theme is PRAYER. Looking at the what, why and how we pray. Understanding that it is a way to communicate with God, expressing our hearts desire and love.

The children memorize a new prayer for each unit. To get started with memorising the first one, we created little prayer cards: each one has an image on the front and the appropriate section in words (illustrated in the image) on the back. Using the images as triggers to remember the words, the children will committed to memory all the words very soon.

Stories and Drama are another integral part of the Grade 2 lessons. We are planning to put more emphasis on the storytelling quality this term, bringing props, pictures and energy into it as well. We didn’t quite get to the drama itself as we ran out of time. We’ll catch up next Sunday.

Thanks to everyone for making it such a wonderful start to the year – all the help and support we get from the community and the many smiling faces of the children, make it the best place to be on Sunday morning 🙂


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5 responses to “First class – new lessons, Grade 2: ‘Prayer’”

  1. Lisa says :

    Thanks for posting a wonderful account of your children’s class and also the resources. I just started teaching grade 2 in Albuquerque, NM and your blog is of great assistance.



    • Leyla says :

      Thanks so much Lisa – it’s great to hear that others are part of the same endeavour! Please share any insights you’ll gain – I’m always keen to learn!!! Smiles, Leyla 🙂

  2. Elika says :

    Wonderful to read about your class. We did this book last year and when I was giving the lessons on prayer, I realized we don’t have music on this theme. So recently I composed a song with the help of a friend who wrote lyrics on prayer. You’re most welcome to download the song for free. Here’s the link:

    • Leyla says :

      Wohoo – thanks so much Elika – what a lovely song! I’ll share it with my class next Sunday – can’t wait to hear more of your beautiful music… Happy Naw-Ruz! 🙂

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