Starting classes again: 12 February…

We look forward to welcoming you all again next Sunday, 12 February, 10 am. 🙂 We’ve also decided to start a Facebook page, for quicker updates – check it out here.


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6 responses to “Starting classes again: 12 February…”

  1. Joan Jensen says :

    Jumping ahead, I hope you can come up with and share some ideas about the new Ruhi lesson plans in Bk 3 grade 1. Lesson 20 is on the theme of becoming Enkindled with the love of God, and feeding the flame of that love by praying and by serving others. Lesson 21 is on Radiance, as we radiate this enkindled love of God to others.

    Ruhi Bk 3g2 Lesson 1-2-3 are on prayer, and Lessons 15-16-17 are on service, so I am trying to come up with ideas that center on Enkindlement rather than prayer and service.

    Any ideas for additonal stories, songs, crafts?

    Love, Joan
    Minnesota, USA

    • Leyla says :

      Hi Joan – we’ve only just started with grade 2 (see latest post from today) – but there is definitely a treasure trove of gems in these new lessons!
      For Lesson 20 on becoming enkindled, I would suggest making simple candle holders. We used those last year in a lesson on unity ( They are made up of cleaned out glass jars and paper strips, that are being brushed over with slightly diluted PVA glue. A nice metaphor for lighting the candle within 🙂 You could then use them again for lesson 21 on radiance, lighting the candles, and making the room completely dark, to show how the light radiates and breaks up the darkness….
      Best of luck with everything – look forward to hearing about your experiences!

  2. Joan Jensen says :

    What kind of paper (eg, semi-transparent crisp tissue paper?) and what is PVA glue (eg, Elmer’s glue)? Love, Joan

    • Leyla says :

      Hi Joan – any kind of paper works really, as it gets saturated by the glue (PVA is just white glue, that you can thin with some water and apply with a paint brush). We used coloured craft paper of about 100gsm – tissue paper works too, might just need a couple of layers for the light to become ‘colourful’ 🙂

  3. Joan Jensen says :

    A lovely song for this lesson is “Light the candle (of my heart)” from the Special Times CD.

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