What a beautiful, colourful and community-supported start to our class today! Thank you everyone for joining us, we love having visitors! Have a look at the clip of our ‘Poi’ song. Everyone is starting to get the hang of it…

Today’s lesson was all about humility. Learning how to be humble and looking at examples around us to explain what it means to be humble – or show humility. We discussed what our body postures would look like, when we are showing humility, or how we would act after winning or loosing a competition. How offering prayers to God is a humble act, or how the branches of a tree – that is full of fruit (=achievements) – bend low and humbly towards the ground.

We used some excerpts of The Virtues Guide, to help us understand when we’re being successful at showing humility, or when we still need to practice being humble.

“O Son of Man! Humble thyself before Me, that I may graciously visit thee.”

After learning our quote for the day, we finished off our lesson with a craft activity: the children created colourful collages of trees and gardens!


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