Be truthful and sincere…

Today was our last class of this school term. The holidays are starting next week and we’ll have a little break, starting again on Sunday 30 October. To mark the special first day of the new term, we’re inviting all the families to come along and share a morning tea, 10am at Ko Te Aroha.

Lily taught us how to make flax flowers which we then added to our invitations for the families. She taught us about the Maori tikanga around flax, from offering a karakia before cutting it, and selecting the outer leaves of the plant, as the innermost and its two flanking ones, are considered the children and parents, and need to be preserved for the plant to keep growing strong. We then learnt how to trim and soften it, before starting to create some beautiful flowers.

Today’s lesson was about sincerity and being truthful – reflecting on the outside, what’s inside our hearts. Being truthful and sincere. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá tells us that: “We should at all times manifest our truthfulness and sincerity…” Sincerity inspires us to be truthful and faithful in our dealings with others. It is through our sincerity that other can see the purity of our hearts and place their trust in us.

Well – we all sincerely look forward to seeing you again in the new term, and welcome you to join of for the start of term morning tea on Sunday 30 October, 10 am – at Ko Te Aroha! Ka kite!


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