“Blessed is he who preferreth his brother…”

Learning to look out for others first and acquiring an attitude of service is a life-long effort. We started with little steps in our children’s class today. We restructured our class sequence slightly:

  1. start with washing hands and then sitting in a circle on the matt
  2. have prayers and music, all age groups together
  3. then we have our morning tea, and the children have turns in serving everyone the food (instead of ‘help yourself’ or grab as much as you can :)…)
  4. after that, we separate into our age groups for the lesson
  5. the two older groups then join for some games
  6. …and then come together at the end for a closing karakia/prayer and another song or two.
The classes went really well, and the children very quickly settled into this new ‘routine’. Well done everyone!
The lesson today was about looking out for others first (perfer your brother/sister, fellow man), and we tried to imagine how our world would be a much brighter and happier place if everyone would look out for someone else – everyone would be taken care of!
After memorising our quote of the day (“Blessed is he who preferreth his brother before himself.”) and colouring in our lesson picture, we used a fun word to remind us to look out for others first:
TOTOFF (= Think Of The Other Fellow First) maybe we’ll make some badges one day…
Some of the older children then suggested we play “Captain’s coming”, a perfect game for letting off some extra energy – and completely exhaust the teachers ;)… One person is the caller and calls out different ‘commands’: Climb the rigging, scrub the deck, starboard, shark, captain’s girlfriend, walk the plank, etc – each of which has a certain action connected with it, which the children perform all together. It is great fun! See the pictures below.
The youngest children learnt about kindness and kindness to animals…

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2 responses to ““Blessed is he who preferreth his brother…””

  1. Atti says :

    thank you.. made it sound so easy. Regarding the game – do we just choose phrases and have haphazard actions to go with it?

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