“To give and be generous are attributes of Mine…”

While today’s lesson was about generosity, Aunty Ngaro and Lily shared with us how to make pois! Aunty Ngaro had most generously braided a whole lot of ‘handles’ for us to then use and attach the ‘ball’-part. They look absolutely beautiful and will come in very handy, for practicing our songs!

While the two older classes learnt and practiced how to use the pois (it’s quite tricky really!) the youngest class learnt about sharing…

All in all it was a busy morning – with 5 new children joining today, which brings our roll up to just over 30 – wow! We need to get moving and train more teachers soon! (Let us know if you’d like to help!)

There are 3 more classes before we break for the school holidays – don’t miss out – see you next week! 🙂


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One response to ““To give and be generous are attributes of Mine…””

  1. karorichildrenclasses says :

    What a big class! Lovely pictures and thank you for your support of our blog

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