Tread ye the path of justice…

After a lovely welcome by Lily, we learnt to sing ‘E te Atua’ (O God, guide me in Te Reo Maori). In case you would like to practice it for next time – here are the lyrics:

E te Atua

Arahina i ahau

Tiakina ahau

Whakamaramatia te rama o toku manawa

kia meinga ahau hei whetu


ko koe te kaha rawa

me te mana (x2)

The children then shared some beautiful prayers (we had some printed out and laminated for the children to use in class – download the pdf here), before splitting up into our classes. There were 13 children in 3 classes – yay!

‘Tread ye the path of justice, for this, verily, is the straight path…” was the quote we learnt today. As part of the curriculum, we are focusing on a different virtue each week. When asked what the children understood ‘justice’ to be, we got some very insightful answers – being fair, balanced, accepting consequences… We then thought about, why the path of  justice is the straight path, and not a crooked one? …because it will get us there faster, safer and sooner!

As part of the memorising, we drew a straight path on the concrete in the playground – with lots of footsteps on it, one for each word in the quote. The children then followed the steps one by one, reciting the quote as they went – well done!

After another story about ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, and some colouring in, we played a game called ‘Sharing’ – where as many children as possible had to try and stand on a tyre (see pics below), without falling off, or anyone getting hurt. They all worked together real well and managed to have everyone on one tyre! 🙂

Learning to sing 'E te Atua'

Lily teaching everyone to sing 'E Te Atua'

The children cooperating in the 'Sharing' game

Learning about being friendly - with popcorn!

Learning to sing 'Tu tiro mai nga iwi...'

The classes finished off with more songs and prayers, and the leftovers of morning tea – yum! What a gorgeous day – see you all next week…


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One response to “Tread ye the path of justice…”

  1. Gary Linter-Cole says :

    Tino pai. Love this.

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