Lesson 5 : Service (…and Naw-Rúz!)

To learn first-hand about service, we made our lesson a ‘service-project’ today 🙂 Only hours before the big community new year celebration (celebrating Naw-Ruz, which starts after sundown on the 20th of March), we used our time in class to prepare for it. Creating beautiful prayercards, a ‘Happy Naw-Rúz’ welcome sign, which now adorns our door, and baking a big chocolate cake. Since Naw-Ruz is also the end of the Bahá’í Fast the children thought we should definitely have some yummie food to celebrate – yay!

We also reviewed the story for the lesson on service. It’s the one about Lua Getsinger, wanting to help ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. He sends her to tend to a sick man, but she is so revolted by the state of that man’s house that she run’s back – see a short description of it in one of our previous lessons here.

We wish everyone out there a most happy and joyous Naw-Rúz and hope to see you in 2 weeks – please note: NO CLASS next Sunday (27 March) – as I’m away in Auckland….


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