Special children’s class this Sunday – change of location!!!

We’ve been trying to come up with some ideas for a special children’s class this Sunday, to celebrate the days of ‘Ayyam-i-Há… and we’ve just figured it out! Let’s get together and do something for the people in Christchurch, who’ve just endured the most horrific week, after the big earthquake on Tuesday.

Come to 69 Bell Street, Fstn – at 10.30am and we’ll join in The Great Sunday Bake-off. Bring aprons, any baking ingredients you can think of and your friends and families – we’ll bake up a storm together! Any questions, give us a ring 06.308 6434 – otherwise, see you Sunday 🙂

image from The Great Sunday Bake Off site...


2 responses to “Special children’s class this Sunday – change of location!!!”

  1. Elisabeth Zillig-Goeltenboth says :

    Mir hend grad i 2 Schuele Dis project mit Possess a pure kind and radiant heart gmacht und es isch sonen Rieseerfolg gsi, dass mini Lehrerin huet grad alles hett welle wuesse, was Du machsch. Danke Tuusigmol Rosy und Mami

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