Lesson 25 : Honesty

Thanks to Nabilinho’s version of ‘O God, guide me…’ we started the devotions for today’s very sunny lesson with some good rhythm and music. The children picked it up real quick, enjoying the moving and finger snapping with it too!

We then looked at today’s theme of ‘honesty’ – discussed what it means, how we can practice it, and that it’s possibly even more, than just being truthful. The quote we learned contains the phrase “…adorn your souls with the ornament of honesty.” 

And that is what we made – little ornaments (decorations) to remind us to be honest. Decorating (adorning) our homes with them, as little reminders to do the same with our souls… 🙂
They are made out of salt-dough. My mum used make salt dough figures and decorations all the time, when we were little and this is a picture of the book I had the recipes from – Julie Landis Original Salzteigfiguren.

The recipe for the saltdough is very easy: 2 parts flour, 2 parts salt, 1 part water – mix together and keep well sealed until you use it, so it doesn’t dry out. The ornaments then need to be baked at 150 deg C for about 30 minutes, or until they are hard and lightly brown around the edges – done – now they can be painted!

While our ornaments were in the oven, we reviewed all the quotes that we have learned so far. With a ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ quiz, that was quite fun!

This was our last full class for the term – next Sunday we’ll have a bit of a ‘year-end’ do, depending on the weather – I will email everyone with the details – yay 🙂 hope to see you all then. If not, we’ll be back in the new school term next year – beginning of February 2011!

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