Lesson 24 : Prefer your brother/sister (compassion)

This lesson is set around the theme of the ‘Golden Rule‘. In the Bahá’í teachings this is taken a little bit further to actually preferring others before oneself. Showing compassion to everyone around us – people, animals and our planet as well.

Last time we looked at this theme (see lesson 9) we created a whole lot of ‘whishes’ for others, to hang in our wishing tree. This time, we discussed what compassion towards animals would look like. Whether it’s feeding the cat, petting the dog, or helping a bird that has a broken wing – there are so many ways to be compassionate!

We created a series of paper-stick animals to remind us of being kind to animals and showing them our compassion.

The drawing, colouring in and cutting out happened with much concentration!

The children were quick with remembering the quote for this lesson (see quote of today, right hand side) – it’s so encouraging to see how easily they memorise them!

Our story for today, was one about Lua Getsinger, visiting ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in ‘Akká. See lesson 5 (Service) for details of it.

Finishing off our lesson today, we sang the song ‘I am Thirsty’ from Ruhi Book 3 – find a lovely recording of it on this wiki site. And lyrics are ready for download here (pdf).

And now off to feed some birds – it’s a glorious day outside… We’ve got 2 more classes before the big summer break – don’t miss out, we’re thinking of having a bit of special morning for the last one 🙂


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