Lesson 8 : Humility

Today we learnt about what it means to be humble. We used the example of a tree, that is full of fruit – comparing them to all the many wonderful qualities a person might have: What do the tree’s branches do when they are laden with fruit….? They get lower and lower to the ground. In reach for us to pick them and benefit from the lovely fruit the tree produced. We talked about how this is what we are supposed to do too – all the wonderful things we are, do and achieve – we should be humble about them so others can benefit through our achievements too.

To remind us of being humble we created a tree collage together … 

and then each child created some of their own tree interpretations to take home as well:

Being humble also means to acknowledge other’s successes, encouraging them without having to compare. We ended our class today with a game called “Sometimes I am tall”. A guessing game, where everyone stands in a circle and one child is in the middle – blindfolded. One of the people in the circle then says, ‘Sometimes we are tall’ (everyone stretches up high on the tippy toes) and then says ‘Sometimes we are small’ (everyone bends down, making themselves as small as possible) – doing this a few times, then that person just does the action and everyone in the circle follows. The blindfolded child in the middle then has to guess – are they tall or small? As simple as it sounds, we had lots of fun with it! 🙂

And here is today’s lesson in pdf format 8_Humility

I’ve also created another page on this blog with all the lesson pdfs listed directly. For other children’s class teachers to download – hopefully they are of use. Have happy classes! 😉

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